Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Arab

I am an investment Banker, at a large British Bank in the City of London, as well as a high class call Girl, life sucks sometimes, but for me, at least I am paid well and cannot complain about the life and Hours I keep. My Girls, keep me busy, but as they are both at private School, I need to the best I can, to earn money to pay for their. Being a Call Girl, helps, do just that. I divorced the farther along time ago, and he moved to Dubai, to a new banking job, and I have not heard from him again, except for the maintenance checks he sends annually, along with the annual Christmas present, for the Girls.
It is clear he is not much of a farther, and I did not want him in my life, as he was an alcoholic, who would beat me and threaten the Girls. He has so I am told found a new British women, called Kate, who now, so I am told, is his new flame, in Dubai, and who is a top Barrister - anyway, so long, and good riddance, to deadbeat Dads, and fathers.
It was a surprise, then to find out that he was in London, and that he wanted to see me and the Girls. I of course, did the Super Bitch thing, and did not return any of his calls. He turned up one night, unannounced, at our large Mock Tudor farmhouse, in West Sussex, and demanded to see my Girls. They of course, were happy , to see him, for the access Agreement of Eight Hours on the Saturday. He arrived in his Black Land Rover, and took them off to go Horse riding at the riding Stable near Ditchling. I let them go as Girls always like to be near their fathers. He just smiled, and I waved goodbye at the door, as the Girls got into the car. His partner, was young women of probably no more than 25, his latest muse called Maria. I wonder how long she will last, before he loses interest and dumps him.
I arrived at the Bank, one morning last month, to find my Line manager, Steve, had called a meeting, and he said, ‘There were looking to rationalise’, and that most of the older staff, of thirty five or more, would be the first in line to go. I had worked hard, as a Hedge fund manager, so I was too valuable, to let go, but many of the non essential managers, and administrative staff, including secretaries were being let go. I was angry as I worked there for the last twenty years or so, and built up a lot of contacts. My mobile rang, and vibrated, and I had a message, which is the private box number I use, which I use to advertise my Services in Harpers and Queen. I listened to the message which was from a man called A.K, and I was to meet him that evening at the top London Hotel of Ritz Mayfair. Whoever my client, was he certainly had a lot of money.
I never go alone, so I rang Sophie X, who came down, by train from Oxford. We met up later in the day. Her course, was going well, and she had in her last economic exams got 92 per cent, so she was incredibly chuffed. I hired the taxi, and hurriedly packed my overnight case, and the Burlesque Agent Provocateur, leather Corset, with all the Belt Buckles, and the Black Ruffle Lace panties, as well as my Black Garters. I always pack a Toothbrush, as well as the usual Bondage Gear, of Black Whips, and metal Handcuffs, as well of course my beautiful Black and Red Cocktail dresses, and makeup. Men are a highly visual sex, and seem to enjoy the power, that kind of Kinky stuff does. I also packed into my hand bag the pack of Condoms, as men conveniently will use, the excuse that they do not have any or have forgotten, which is unacceptable. STD’s, Aids, are all occupational hazards, for us Call Girls, and it is best that we try to be responsible, in order to prevent, there transmission as well as for our safety.
We women of course, are the fairer, and gentle sex, and there better halves. Guys are also dicks, as well, as we or course love shopping and I am no exception. My and Sophie tastes include Harrods, Harvey Knicks, and Chimmy Choo. We women are incredibly smart as we trade Sex for Commitment, and men have sex and do not want commitment.
I arrived outside, The Ritz Mayfair, and met Sophie who was waiting outside, in an electric Blue dress. I was wearing my Black Cocktail dress, with the sexy slit, up the side, which is a fourteen dress size. I brought from an exclusive boutique in Chelsea, called Fitz, which is run by one of the Ex Cousins of Roman Abramovitch. It is a replica; obviously Liz Hurley looked fantastic, in the original. I had my Chimmy Choo, High Heals on, with a buckle strap on the front. I told the cabby do keep the engine running, a safety tip, as the life of a call Girl is always a precarious one. If the cabby keeps it running, if we do not come back, then he will come looking.
Both Sophie and I, walked into the Marble Hotel Lobby, with the spiral staircase, with the Black Bolestrade, and metal handles. All of the male Heads were turned, and it was like being devoured, by a thousand eyes, as all of the male attention was focused on us. The two male Receptionists, instantly, jumped to attention, and said, ‘can we help Ladies’, as one would expect. I opened up the clasp of my red Crocodile, Fendi Hangbag, and took out the piece of paper, with Mr A.K initials. The male Concierge, in his brass button Uniform, ran his finger, coolly, down the list, of Guests. For a few minutes, which he took do that, I got several shivers, down my spine, and I was cold in my dress, because obviously a dress help up by safety pins, can be uncomfortable and cold, and for a few minutes, I thought we had been set up, with a no show. The man, with the spectacles, said, ‘A.K is on the top floor, Miss, go straight up ladies. The Princes instructions are to go up’.
The Male Lobby Concierges, all jumped on us, and said, ‘Can we take your cases miss’, we let them do that and tipped them. They took the cases off them, and we tipped them heavily, and took them up in the lift. We took the other, and Sophie and I applied makeup, from our compacts. We were both nervous, and unsure, because none of us so far in our lives have ever met Princes.
We were greeted by his Man Servant, Ravi, who was a Thai national, and wore White Gloves, and dark Black Trousers, with a Gold Button Uniform. He knocked on a large Double Wooden doors, at the end of the Lobby, and opened them, after he had the reply. Both Sophie and I walked calmly into the room, and we were Greeted by a young Arab looking man, called The Prince. Of course you do not expect me to reveal his name on this blog. He was a minor distant counsin to the Royal family of Abu Dhabi. I do not really believe that, and as far as Sophie and I, know he could be a con man. He had laid on lunch, and a few minutes later, we were seated at table in his private suite. Basically four courses passed, and we had wine, and so did the Prince. Both Sophie and I were guarded, as it unusual for Muslims to use Prostitutes, as far as we know, perhaps he was never one in the first place. I reminded Sophie to drink only one glass, and no more, and then mineral water. Clients will always try to ply you with drink, so it is best never to do so if you can, as it is dangerous.

He basically got over with the formalities, and explained that he wanted Bondage, and that we were to handcuff him, and then use paddles to spank him, as well as use an electrode device on his Genitals. No request seems to be too much, and I received many. He wanted Oral sex as well as full blow jobs, and it did not seem interested in the Burlesque routine, that much. It was straight down to full hard action.
His Servant Ravi, was also paying, and he explained that the Prince, was new to England and because he was coming of age, he needed to experience love, and loose his virginity for the first time. In his Arab country, which I have decided not to name, most of the Muslim women are modest, and dressed, in Hajaab’s and the sexes are kept apart, and do not mix. In England as he had escaped his parents tutelage, he now wanted to experience fully what the World had to offer.
I carry a Handheld taser in my handbag for protection, which I have so far not had to use. I was going to turn around and leave, which is what I should have done, but because he looked a nice young man, and that he was paying 250,000 Thousand Pounds, I decided to accede to all of his full requests. As I am call Girl, I will sometimes say no, but most of the time I need the money, and of course Sophie, always needs it too.
Sophie and I were shown into a side room, and made double sure it was locked, and we changed out of the dresses, into our working gear, which in my case involved Black Fish net Stockings, and a full Leather Corset, with lots of Buckles and Straps, in my 38D Size. It takes at least twenty minutes to be fully laced up at the back, and to squeeze into it. It has lots of steel rods, and clear straightens your back, and is believe to me very uncomfortable to wear, although looks good on my body. It is torture, and your waiste is restricted to a very narrow size. I then applied the suspenders to the stockings and put on the ruffle panties, and Garters. I then helped Sophie into hers, which took about the same amount of time, and we applied lippy, and The exclusive Channel and Ghost perfume behind our ears.
Me and Sophie then came out and we did our routine and danced on the Formica Table, and Gyrated. The Prince kept looking at my Crotch area, and figure. Once that was over, Sophie took Ravi into a side room, and I returned to the Princes bedroom, on his suite, at the top of the Hotel. He then wanted Kinky sex, and I had to tie him up in handcuffs, which I duly obliged, and I then spanked him with the Paddle, and applied the electric shocks to the device to his Genitals. That kind of kink does nothing for me, but it seems to have a great effect for some reason on men.
I then got into bed, and peformed Oral sex on the Prince, and he entered me. It basically lasted to Three in the morning, and I rested between sessions. We then had finished, and Sophie and I left, with cases behind us. The Cabby had long gone, and instead I had contacted the Concierge, and he had kindly politely checked on us about every Hour by Phoning through and collecting the Crockery from the earlier dinner. I had made sure that the GPS tracker in a locket sown into my Corset was switched on. That connected through to a male friends PC, who would check on it, when I was with a client. If anything went wrong he would call the Police.
We left the Hotel, early the next day, at Six, and the male concierge looked disapprovingly at us, but my acceded to my request for the Cab. Sophie and I departed and went our separate ways, and I returned home to my warm bed in my House in Sussex, and went out like a light and got some rest, until it was time to pick up the Girls, from their private School. The Prince, had been a true gent and certainly had been a lot of fun.

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Monday, 21 September 2009

'La Femme des Paradis'

Times are we know tough for UK Workers, at the moment. I have to say that the number of my Clients have remained the same. I still see the same numbers and Regulars, from my advert in Harpers and Queen Magazine. Now that the long Dark nights, have returned, the Warm Hotel Beds that I share with , my exclusive Clientele are always well made. The Black Cat, is back on the Prowl.

Sophie X is due to return to do her Second Year, of her Economic and Politics Course. We stay in touch regularly, by mobile, and as she is a Student, she claims she still needs the money, particularly as times are of course Tough. It is Bonus time, at the City Bank, and of course it appears, that even The Rich City Playboys, who are now fewer, have been hit hard. There Bonuses are unusually thin for this time of year. It just means at the Bank where I work, there are fewer Rounds of Champagne than usual, and a more sedate Christmas Party. I will enjoy myself with the usual City Rich Kids, and Macho bankers. I am fairly well off, but not comfortable, as I saving money to pay for My Kid, to go through Public School. That is the primary reason why I still am on the Game. I enjoy my work, if you can call it that, although my lot is not a happy one. Sex for Recreation is of course against, my faith, of The Catholic Church. However , I have not been too Church for a long time now. I need like everyone else, my Gucci Dresses, Jimmy Cho Shoes, and Boodles Diamond Jewellery as Diamonds are usually a Girl’s best friend. I could spend a whole month in Harrods, spending my Ill gotten Gains, but I have to be realistic. My Girl, comes first, and a private education is not cheap. The Lord does not really like prostitute’s long term. I hate that word Prostitute, and I prefer to use the Asian expression that I am a Concubine, whilst Sophie X likes to think of herself as Top Topy.

Men of Course, do not change, they after all think with Their Dicks, and not their Brains, and usually will chase after anything pretty on Legs. As long as she is a Skirt;- We women are too clever, as you know,can earn Good wage, if we learn to exploit are looks, and hit them wear it hurts, in their Bank Wallets or of course Go on a Shopping Spree if your men folk have done something to upset you. Make sure that you put that expensive Dress on to his Corporate Credit Card. I hate the Ill dressed Shabby men, and believe me there are many amongst those City Boys, in my Investment Banks. Give me a well Groomed, suited and Booted City Boy in a Tie, to those other poor excuses for men, and Nirvanna look a likes.

I got the call, again from my many EX’s, who phoned, inconveniently, when I was at my desk in the City Bank. I discretely went to the Ladies, to answer the call. He said, ‘ Could Sophie and I meet in at his new Soho Club, that he opened called -‘Les Oiseaux de Paradis ’. My Ex gave me big break in the World of Strip Joints, and back then in the Eighties, ‘everyone was rich, with City Yuppies, and Brick Phones, only too willing to throw away their Cash, all of the City Boys, back then were rolling in Cash and general Largesse of clinching deals. 80’s London was alive with cash, and the High rollers, loved to play and Work Hard’, spending their Cash in Soho’s Seedy Strip Joints. Us Girls, loved to milk them of their Cash, and deprive them of their money. He operated a policy of ‘Do not look and do not touch’, but of course as you know some men do not listen.

I was a young naive, Girl, then who had only turned Nineteen, when I got my first Break. I am not the sharp Suited, Beautiful, sexy and sassy London City Girl I am now. Having run out of money for the Course in Acting and Drama that I was going to take at RADA, I answered the advert, in the Times, small ads and Personals Section. I went along to the auditions taking Maria along with me. We both arrived on a Wednesday Morning, and the Barman was clearing up. He told his Barmen, to get lost, and paid him Four Twenties from his wallet, for his time. There he was a Sharp Suited Businessman in a White Dinner Jacket and Black Tie. He had a long Cane, and two, Gold Fillings in his front teeth. He poured himself a drink from Whisky Decanter, then he turned to me and Marie, and said, ‘ Let’s see your Stuff’. It was said, in the most Coolest manner possible, as it was the most matter of fact expression that he used every day. As I was young and naive, I thought, ‘He must mean that he wants to hear me sing. I had spent two to Three Hours, practising the Whitney Houston Song, ‘Love will say the Day’.

‘Of course I smiled, and so did Maria’. ‘ I asked him, ‘ Where he wanted us and where was the Microphone ?’. He of course had something else on his mind. He wanted us to, ‘Strip naked, and wear The lovely Red Silk Basques, and Suspender Belts, high heels and stockings, and nothing much else. He pointed to the Girls Changing rooms at the back of a long corridor, and said ‘Your outfits were in there as well as makeup’. Maria, of course Coloured up, ‘ Made an embarrassed ‘Sorry and Shrugged her hands over her shoulders, and turned round and fled out of the door’, ‘Tears were basically running down her cheeks’.

He wanted us to try them on, as well as the Suspender Skirts, and to writhe around a Steel Pole, that ran from the Stage to the Ceiling’. Being a naive, innocent Nineteen year old, I thought it was a incredibly Cool experience, and I was taken by the man, who looked so Grown up, and wearing of course a sharp suit and Gold Filings. I figured that it can’t be all bad, and I wanted the money at the end of the day. So I put on this Grown up voice, ‘Okay Where Do I go’. He gave two sharp Clicks, of his fingers , and a Beautiful thin, stick like model, with the most incredible Green eyes came out. She was dressed in a beautiful Red Gucci dress, and Black stockings, and tremendous Black High heels, with Dark Kohl pencil around the eyes. We exchanged pleasantries, ‘Yasmin and I greeted each other coldly, and I was then escorted to the Girls room at the back’.

I took off the dress I was wearing, and that got in the Hideous, Basque, and put on the much too small Red Knickers, and then finally a suspender belt, which I attached to the top of my Red Stockings, I then put on the Suspender Skirt. I sat semi naked in front, of a large Stage Mirror, and applied lots of moisturiser. I applied eyeshadow, and lots of Red Lippy, and a White powder. A much Older woman looked back, I brushed my long dark Hair, which fell down to my waist, and put on a Hair band, to keep it all in place. Then I put on the Red dressing Gown, and a Red Feather Boa, and Black Bowler Hat. I believed that I looked like one of the most heavenly, beautiful women on the planet. Next Yasmin, came back, and gave me Black High Heels, with a Stiletto, to put on. I tied and bound in the straps, and my toes, hurt, from the narrow point at the front. I followed her out like a Kid, nervously following in her steps. ‘Just Remember she said, ‘ Show him all, and bend down and rotate your ass around the Poll, hang from it for a bit, and try to get down, and use the Boa, to tickle him’. ‘He likes it like that, ‘if you remember what I showed you before, then you will be fine’. Please do not act shy, because if you do, then you won’t be able to concentrate up there.

I arrived on stage, and took centre stage, I looked around and Mr G.S was looking back at me with the Widest of Gangster Grins. I could see the Gold fillings in his mouth. I was stage struck and had to remind myself to Concentrate’.

The Music, to the Eighties, ‘Material Girl’, by Madonna played in the background. I undid my Red Dressing Gown, and stood there semi naked, in my Underwear and Red Basque. I threw off the Bowler Hat, and then Took up a position on the pole. I hung upside down from it, and did a few turns on it. Then I kicked my Red stocking Legs, with the Garter belt high into the air. I remembered that the world, looked very strange from upside down. My long black Hair, hung down and I remembered it seemed like an eternity. I did a few rotations back and forwards around the pole. I then strutted my stuff and danced with my hands down by my waste, to Material Girl. I went back and forwards along the Runway in my Black High Heels. I did a Y shaped split, and I caught Mr GS looking far too closely at my Knickers and Crotch area. I went up to him and tickled him with the feather Boa. He touched my right breast and gave them a squeeze, like he was checking them out. He then put a Twenty Pound note into My Garter. I concentrated on the job, and then it was all over my Ten minutes of fame.’ I returned to the Girls changing rooms. After getting dressed and checking my Hand bag I found that Ten Pounds was missing from my purse.

Yasmin, the Tall Thin Stick Model came up to me. ‘Well done, I think he likes you. You have got a Job with the Other Girls in the club’. She said it, ‘In the most Catty manner, and she was clearly a Bitch’.
You’re return here on Friday at 7-30 and will receive Five Hundred Pounds an Hour. I looked stunned and ‘Thank her and then put on my long thick Military Dress Coat, and left the Club, with my Handbag and long dark Hair flowing in the wind. I had this immense sense of achievement and pride, as I flagged down a London Taxi, to take me back to my Digs in Regent Square. I thought men will do anything as long as we are undressed, and will pay good money to see us undressed.

I returned on the Friday Night, and from then on in, I would perform every night, sometimes with other Girls, dancing on stage, or around the Poll. I would take on any challenge, and men would applaud as I danced on table tops, and the runway along the Bar Top. They would stuff twenty Pound notes by the fistful into my Garter. Those men who would sometimes get too frisky, and ignored the ‘Do not look and do not touch policy’, were thrown out by the Club bouncers.

I returned to Mr G.S brand, new neon light club. He already of course was the same G.S I had known back then, as an innocent Nineteen year old Girl. Now I am all Grown up, such Clubs do not hold the same allure for me. I after all run my own High Class Call Girl Operation. I can charge what I like and do not have to give the same proceeds to Mr G.S. Sophie and I were of course entertainment for the Night along with the other Girls in the Club. As a favour to help get the Club started I was to do a few rounds of Lap dancing and strut myself as I used along the Bar Top. To tell you the truth such work is Bread And Butter to me, but does not appeal like my Call Girl work. I like and love the recreational sex, but at the end of the day it is money and that is all. I work so I can pay the Bills like everyone else.

There was Mr GS, who smiled and Beamed at me,’ He was now married with his Eight wife’. He said, ‘You still look beautiful, and kissed me on the Cheek’. I changed into my Black and Red Burlesque Corset, Suspender Skirt, and Garter Belts. Sophie, did the same, and we joined the other Girls out the front, doing the Y splits, and a few rounds on the Pole. It felt like yesterday as I twirled around and I soon picked up where I left off. This Eighteen year old City Kid came in, and poured a drink of Bourbon. He admired me all night, and was taken with my Body, He liked how I danced and he asked me to perform a dance for him. I did that and he stuffed Five Hundred Pounds into my Garter. He took a good long look as I bent over, and he looked at my Crotch and Suspender Skirt, and arse. Then it was all over, and Sophie and I got changed. I told Sophie not to wait for me, after she had been paid, and to take a Taxi Home.

I went to the Private room at the back of The Club. I knocked and entered and there was Mr G.S all 6 Foot Three of him, and I politely asked him to undo my dress. I changed down to my underwear and he saw me in my tight fitting Black Corset, with Steel Suspenders that I brought for the Job. I got into bed with him and performed the Usual Oral on him, and we made love several times to the small Hours. He paid well, and I then left him. It is never best in my kind of work to ever fall for a Client. It is after all a Commercial transaction. While he is attractive, certainly, It is never best to fall for a Client. Men after all ruin your lives. Men want you to remain at their beck and call, and if you ever become a House wife and get married, then you lose, that financial security, and become reliant on them too much. While the Sex is fun, I prefer to have my independence as the Black Cat. I would advise any Girl, to do her education first, as intelligence and a Career are more important, which men cannot after all buy.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

I was working at my desk in the City of London Investment bank, and it was around lunch time that I got to read my post. I had hurredly got ready, that morning, and left, and took my usual route accross London to ThreadNeedle Street. I had not had time to look at the post.

There was a White Invitation Card, addressed to The Black Cat, delivered to my private Box number ,and someone had replied to my advert in Harpers And Queen magazine, for the Black Cats Services. It said, that Mr B had invited me and another friend, to attend, a private function at the Ravenswood Hotel. A Hotel that does Conferences and events. It said bring formal evening wear, as a Masked Ball would occur on the Saturday. Then after the Ball, and dinner, would be an SMS party, as this was a Swinggers event. I of course would be top billing, as they need a Burlesque Dancer, and the services of a Top class London Call Girl, to arouse the Guests and entertain them and there wives. I have to say, that such events, are not fantastic in the least for a Working Girl, as I always feel for the Wives, as they have a very insecure Open Relationship with there Husbands. It is always the wealthy, that have the spare cash anyway in my view, for their Husbands to cheat on them.

I phoned Sophie X to see if she was up for it. Of course all London Call Girls, because of the Credit Crunch will never decline an Invitation. Sophie, immediately said yes. I told her that she would need to be comfortable with SMS, and other forms of Sex. Sophie who is a student studying Economics at University of Oxford, of course agreed. I said, ' Bring a Ball Gown, and of course, the Special Extra's.' ' By that I meant the very tight black Laced Corset, with the tight Buckle Straps, that acts really as a waist Cincher, and the Ruffle panties, and long suspenders, and Black Tights and Boots'. As well as the long wips and Handcuff, and Ball Gag. The problem is that most men are very clearly aroused by this stuff, but for women the constriction, and gear has few kicks and it is very uncomfortable after a while. The pressure that it puts on the waist can give you a lovely Hour Glass figure, and tight waist, but believe it is not always worth it. A Girl sometimes has to suffer for her art.

I am not too happy about SMS, but as a working Girl, it sometimes goes with the territory. Sophie and I always are fairly knowledgable, about Sex and both of us know how to give pleasure and have studied the Karma Sutra, and in Sophie case, Sensual Massages with Oils. I am trained by Thai Masseuses, from the four or five years I spent travelling in Asia and that is another story.

Sophie and I checked in at the reception, and we carried all of the Clothes, that needed in Overnight bags, and a Vanity case. The Receptionist was Polish, and treated us with respect when we showed the invitation. We were checked in to two Top Hotel Rooms, Sophie was accross the hallway from me and they had a Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Modern TV.

We changed into are beautiful Ball Gowns, and I had this lovely Red Christian Lacroix Gown, and Sophie wore a Channel Dress. I put on the masks and took our places at the Tables. The other Guests arrived, and I eventually met, a young man, who came up to me. He introduced himself as Lord B. and to his wife. It was obvious that he was no lord. I found out, that he worked as an Investment Commodity Broker, and his wife, was a Nurse. I felt really sorry for her, as she was obviously nice, and she showed me photographs, of there two Kids. I will never understand swinggers, but there wives seem to understand that there Husbands are open, and need this kind of life. I am not to sure whether they are there by choice or more to really please there Husbands. Anyway I am working Girl so I do not really judge- Meow.

We all sat down to have a Lovely Four course Meal of Foie Gras, Prawn Cocktails, and Partridges and Lemon Sorbet and Chocolate Gateaux. The Waiters were of course Muscle Bound Hunks, with bow ties who kept filling Sophie and my Glasses up with Piper and Hydeseck Champagne. Champagne is very nice, but can go to your head, and as we working I had to remind Sophie to not drink more than one Glass. The rest of the evening we were on Water.

We returned to our rooms, and I put on the lovely Black Leather Corset, with all the Buckle Straps and the lacing up the back. I had to ask Sophie to help, as it always takes so long to put them on. Sophe tied up the lacing very tightly, and and then all of the Buckles. My waist was restricted to 10 Inches, and it really took a lot of the wind out of me. I then put on my Black Ruffle panties, and did up the steel Suspenders, attaching them, to the Black Stockings. I then did the same for Sophie, and I took out my Top Hat and Cane.

Sophie and I came on to Great applause from the Swinging Couples in the Crowd, who mostly in some cases wore nothing. I did my act and dance routine, which involves circlying around a Chair, and teasing men in the crowd with my whip and feather Boa.

That was that that the Lights and Curtain went down on our Act. We then met up with Lord B and Sophie went with another nice looking young man. We were still wearing the Buckle Corsets when retreated to the Hotel Rooms to do our stuff.

I would advise any other Girls thinking of doing this, not to, and to get an Education. It is not really worth the risk. I do what I have to do, not because I need the money, but because I mostly enjoy it. Lord B, was an SMS kind of Guy, so I tied him to the bed, in the handcuffs, and Ball Gagged him. I then spanked him with the Whip. I politely declined the offer to be restrained.

I made him wear the Condom, and it is always best to carry lots with you, as men are fairly useless in that Department and I peformed O Sex, and the went through repertoire, which lasted into the small Hours. I was of course handomely paid for my services, as well as Sophie.

Sophie and I the following weekend went Shopping, I was able to buy for My Girl, the Holiday to Canada she wanted. I hit Harrods, and invested in a good pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, and a Channel Pink Dress. Sophie of course tried to save the money to help pay her way through her Economic Course at Oxford University.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Venetian Paradise

My friend Sophie and I who are both High Class Working Class Girls received our top assignments from Mr M.

 He is our Rich Sugar Daddy, and allows us Independent Girls to survive by giving us top Dollar.

I do not like the assignments, too much, as I have to lie to my friends and family who do not know

I am doing this for a living. A female Black Cat, on the prowl, moonlighting in the city.

 Sophie is known as Prada, and is a Business and Economics Student, with pretty Black Hair, and is probably twenty one.   Mr M gave her the name, because she likes top class Handbags. She has the most amazing blue eyes. I have unusual Green eyes, and of course lovely long black Hair. I chatted to Sophie, or Miss Prada, to find out why she does this for a living. Like me, it appears that Students receive little or no cash. They have too many Loans, and Credit Card Bills to pay off. She has a boyfriend too, and she gets conflicted feelings for him and whether what she is doing is wrong.

None of us have any qualms about that. We are both in it to earn money so that we both have enough to live on. We are going to quit this profession, when I and Sophie have paid all of our Creditors back. We are marriage Guidance Counsellors, and give a shoulder to cry on for many men. We are using them, as they are us, to get access to their cash.

She and I know a good de I always like nails done, from those, Top London nail salons. A Girl, has to look good, no expenses spared, no matter what the circumstances. That is why it is important to have four or five top quality dresses on standby, and many pairs, of Manolo Blahniks, and Chimmy Choo shoes, as well as a Prada, Channel handbag, or a Salvatore Ferragamo leather bag. Unfortunately, even in these Credit Crunch times, the Wardrobe, is looking a little thin. I earn good quality money, but I still have to do my day job in the City, as a Trader, to earn a Crust. Men’s wallets even in recession hit Britain are a little thin these days.

“Men basically think with the dicks in their pants.” It always amazes me how so many intelligent men who are company Executives, or Astronauts, Pilots, Soldiers and the like go weak at the knees, when it comes to seeing me or the lovely Prada in the flesh. It does leave me cold a bit, to think, which lovely wife or pretty woman back at home they are betraying.  I prefer to always be an independent, the high class Girl that I am. I am not sure that I could live with a man once I discovered that he had been burning the Candles at both ends, and playing away from home.

I would dump him immediately, and slash all of his suits no matter, what his bank balance was like. I can understand, the difficulties involved, and of course it always the Children that suffer if the marriage fails. It always takes two to tango, so in many cases, the marriage, probably ended a long time ago.  I have incredible compassion for women who do stand by their husbands. My advice would be to leave immediately, if they do it once, they will always do it again. Love is always a messy business. That’s why Divorce Lawyers are so rich.

I do not have really any regrets as I need the money. A Girl in these recession hit times, needs all the money she can get. I got the call the previous week, from Mr M that Miss Prada, and I were to go on a Vacation to Venice, for a top meeting. Miss Prada and I received our Economy Class Tickets. I had to fight M over that one, as top Class Girls should always travel in Business Class.  Both Miss P and I were overruled as Companies are cutting back Costs.

I packed a Weekend Travel bag and booked a few days off on the Friday and Monday. I got my passport and my dark Channel Sunglasses. It always, very important to look the part , even if you do not feel it. I left the key to my flat, with my neighbour, and said, I would be back later on Tuesday.

Miss Prada, and I met at Heathrow, and we checked in.  We were both looking the professional Confident Business women we are. I dressed in a fabulous Gucci Red Dress.  The favourite of all film stars, and Audrey Hepburn . If you find the right one it always looks good no matter what the event. I packed my favourite Skirt and Top from Top Shop.  Sometimes you can if you are lucky to cut costs, get away with High Street fashion labels. However with Clients it is a different matter, they demand the very best, as they are paying good money.

Miss Prada was wearing a Prada Black dress and we all checked in confident and sassy Girls we are. We relaxed on the plane, and watched the inflight movie, while flirting with the handsome Black Haired Male Flight Attendant.

We touched down at Marco Polo International Airport and after collecting our away cases. A rich Chauffeur driven Limousine whisked us off to a top First Class Hotel. We checked and both Sophie and I got showers. I changed into my lovely figure hugging Corset, and Sophie did the same. A Girl needs to pack lots of Lingerie, as men obviously go wild for us.  The Corset as many Girls know is Sartorial Torture, the things us Girls do to please men. I changed into the spare Black Gucci dress and wore the lovely Chimmy Choo Shoes. I have a thing for them, they really are better than sex and are very delightful to wear on the feet. Of course not all the time, sometimes I prefer the good old pair of trainers, to stop my feet getting bunions. I had a Channel handbag, and I applied the top class Red Lippy, and pinned and swept my Hair back into a Chinion, and then I was of for are dangerous liason. I carry always a small can of mace and a rape alarm, and I phone, a special one with a tracking device built in. This is linked to a handset one of my Girl friends carry and would alert the Police and her hand set in an emergency.

We were met by two Italian men in lovely bespoke suits. We were escorted to our rooms on the Top Floor of a top Hotel overlooking Saint Marks Square. Venice is such a romantic place. We met the two men, mine was a very good looking, handsome and shy. Shy ones are always the best. The problem is that they are not very talkative, although they are Gentlemen. Sophie took the other in her arms and pretended to look adoringly into his eyes. They paired off, and went next door, and got down to Business.

I ordered Room Service, and made the man wait. It is very important not to to give in too soon. The man was an Gentleman and he ordered top Champagne and a fantastic two course meal.

Then we got down to Business, I cleaned my teeth, and freshened up in the bathroom with Channel Number Five behind the ears, and applied fresh lipstick. I came out of the bathroom and let the man feel in control and undo my dress. I was then standing in my lingerie, and he undid everything with very strong hands. I performed various Acts and then fell asleep in his arms. He promised to pay double, for some more, and we continued in the early hours, before falling asleep in the Double bed at Two O Clock. After a while it is like a transaction, you pretend it is okay, but a part deep down in you does not like what you are doing. It is after all only cash, so a Girl at the end of the day  has to do what she has got to do. All in all very pleasurable and of course he was lovely.

On engaging in small talk with him I found out that he was  training to be  a Priest, later, Miss Prada confirmed that her men was also a Priest and that was there last night before entering the Priest hood. It is probably the case that they were lying, and that was a cover story. Anyway we took their money,  and did not ask any more questions.

Sophie and I returned to London on a cold rainy day, in May, at Heathrow, and we went our separate ways. I received a text message from M who said, ‘It was great, the client was really pleased”. Both Sophie and I were laughing to the bank, and I blew the money on a Salvatore Ferragamo handbag from Harrods and a new skirt from Top Shop. I would not advise any other Girls to do what we do. I believe getting a good education is more important. For me it is a way of life and a good business transaction.

Friday, 3 April 2009

The G20 and Asian Men

I received another phone call from Sophie X. She wanted some of her Ex Girls to work out and provide the entertainment at the G20. It was basically from an Asian Journalist who had been drafted in to cover the Summit in London. He was in his forties and retired.

Asian men are always shy and retiring in Public, but they can be great fun to work out with. They have some of the best Bank Accounts in the Business. On the negative side they devote too much time to observing the rules of Asian Soceities. They can be real Gentlemen but they are also cold sometimes in public. They do know how to treat a Girl.

I was to meet him at the M. Hotel. I never like such one night Stands as they can be dangerous. Thats why it is always necessary to go equipped. Take Protection for the Men, as some are so stupid that they do not bring any with them.

I always take my mobile with me. I brought a Homing device from Maplin. It keeps track of where I am at all times. I carry it secretly in my handbag. That way my friend Sophie nows where I am.

I selected a lovely Shang Hai Tang Dress for the evening, and put extra Lippy on, as well as Channel Number Five Perfume. A Girl has to look her best for these kind of dates. I never like just paid for Sex. I prefer to be wined and dined and that night was no exception.

I arrived at the Hotel in time for my dinner date. I was wearing my Bright Red Shang Hai Tang Dress, and heels by Jimmy Choo. Girls if you ever tried Chimmy Choos, you know that he is definately the best in the business. There really is no other type of Shoe, which looks so Good.

Unfortunately they may be good, but they can seriously damage your feet with over use. It is always good advice, to wear some other comfortable shoe, and then change into them on arrival at the function.

The Asian man was small and balding, and he looked, the part, all dressed up in a Dinner Jacket and Tie. I like my men, to always look smart. Of course, I always like them to wear a Tie, and of course shaved and used Deodorant. Some men forget their P's n Q's when going out with a Lady.

He was very shy and polite, and opened the Door, of my Taxi, and got in. It is always good idea to slide your legs into the Car. We were soon whisking are way through the London Streets. I thought we must be going to some place exotic. Of course it turned out to a bar called Raffles. We were shown to our table by the Matre De. She smiled at us, although I have to admit me we both looked very mismatched.

He ordered some Singha Beer and then a Thai Green Curry. I ordered something unpronouncable in Chinese. I just pointed to the one that I liked the Look of on the Menu. We then had our icecreams and Coffee. He of course was an utter Gent and paid the Bill and Meal. I like my men to be very traditional when it comes to paying.

I then returned to the Hotel Room. I changed into my Red Corset and waited for him to come out. It was all rountine and over in a few seconds. He then paid my usual fee. I put some clothes on and then left by the main entrance of the Hotel.

I got a chance to look in his Bank Wallet. There was a photograph of a pretty Asian Girl. It was obvious that they probably had marital problems. I kind of feel sorry for her, and hope that there marriage gets back on Track. I would advice Girls to think about there safety and always let others know where you are going. I would not get into this and I think it is best to get a well paid job and do a Buisiness Degree and in that way you will in no time rise maybe not as far as a CEO, but maybe to Head Of Section.

The Corset Ball

I received an invitation from my working Girl, Grrl Friday, and best Amie, Sophie X. She works in PR for a london firm, and like me is also in the occassional escort business. That is when us busy working girls have time to fit our escort work in, between our normal city Jobs.

I got the Invitation for the ball on the March 10 all signed and delivered in a large white envelope with a Pink Bow on it. It came as a welcome surprise as to tell you the truth. It was a bolt from the Blue. We communicate on the phone and we can spend maybe two to three Hours a day on it talking the Usual Girl talk and Gossip about our latest boyfriends, and parties and Celebs.

Anyway, the letter contained an invitation which asked me whether I wanted to participate at a London City firms bonus party. She needed help as she had won the contract and needed Girls to appear at the event without their kit off and down to there scanties. I am not one to argue as I basically need the money in these economic times.

The City Lads, who have got any real bonuses this year and a much reduced wage packet, could not really afford the SpearMint Rino Strip Clubs that exist all around Soho's Golden mile. So this year it was to be an Inhouse party. I am forbidden by the Contract to talk about which famous City firm contracted my friends Sophies PR firms.

However they needed Girls who were going to be daring and Bold, to strip down to there smalls and Deliver Canapes and Food to the City Lads at there Business firm. The pay had to be good to temp me into this kind of promotional work. I am believe it or not a little shy and the thought of stripping off in front of a Group of leacherous and drunken men, does not really appeal to me that much. However as I could always do with the money to keep a roof over my head so I agreed. I was also curious about the type of men who are in to these R n R Extra Hour Parties. They must be regular Guys with a lovely WAG- Wives And Girlfriend on there arm and are happily ensconsed. I therefore find it difficult when Men who are married and have a normal Girlfriend cheat on them by going to these extra curricular parties. They probably lie, and say they are working late in the Office.

It is always a mens fantasy so I am told that they think Women enjoy this kind of stuff, wearing nothing but what nature endowed us with. However the truth is that it can be degrading and can be uncomfortable. Most women only do it for the money and even that has to be really good.

I decided to visit, Ann Summers, Lingerie Shop. I am always embarrassed by the blinding number and array of Lingerie hanging up. If you are married and a Girl, you will know how amazingly uncomfortable women's lingerie truly is, if like me you have to wear a tight restricting Corset for Hours on end. Men can be really insensitive, when it comes to Christmas, or your Birthday the man in your life remains clueless, when it comes to selecting you Underwear. He will not know your size, and lets face it Girls, men do not know the first thing about our anatomy. You will want functional and comfortable underwear while a man, will select the most tacky and uncomfortable underwear that is the height of sexiness, but comes in tacky colours. UGG !!.
Thats why it is always a Good idea if you do the shopping. Just take his Credit Card and bill him later, thats what I say. That way, you can always hit him hard, where it hurts, namely his Bank Account. We just have to have Lovely Dresses, and I certainly can spend a whole day in absolute excatsy going round Harvey Nics or BHS. Retail Therapy is the best recipe for mending a broken Heart, or getting over the Ex that ratted on you.

I found this really tight little Black Corset and changed into it. It was really pretty and very feminine. I hate seeing my figure in the mirror, but I guess I still look hot for my age. I paid up and left the store after the Shop attendant wrapped it for me.

The day of the party, came nearer, and to say that I was nervous, was an understatement. We all arrived including my friends Sophie and Amie, who work for the PR firm. We were shown to the Ladies room, and we all changed into our lovely smalls. Sophie is blond by the way, but unlike the stereotype, she has a First Class Honours Degree from The University of London in Business Studies. She tells me that she does this type of work because it pays handsomely and she has a large Student Loan to pay off.

Sophie choose a lovely Pink Corset and High Heels. I choose to keep some of my Modesty by choosing a smart see through Black Skirt. I can tell you that it left little to the imagination. The Curtains were pulled back, and we picked up the Silver Canapes. Being Semi Starkers is not fun I can tell you. It is a tremendously Cold experience. When you go into the room all eyes of course are on you. The Lads of course wolf Whistle and Cheer you on. However there is really no time for anything more than a cursory Glance. I have learnt to fix my eyes on a distant spot, rather than on the eyes of everyone in the room. It can be frightening if you do that. I then did my job and handed out the Champagne Glasses and handed out the Canapes.

The men are normal suited city types and obviously it was just a bit of fun for everyone. They all have regular Girl friends. I can say that there were no other women in the room , except for the Female Directors, who are sassy and the ones with money. They left early and we were left to be oggled by all of the Red Blooded males in the room

That was that. We took there money and hit the Rich City Bankers where it hurt, namely in there Bank Accounts and in there Wallets. Men are obviously led too much by there desires, and not There brains. If they had any at all they should have realised we were fleecing them of every penny. Thats why Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and of course are Sugar and Spice and all things nice. I would advise others against going into this Proffession and I believe should stay on and Get a Good education and that way you too can be a Banker in the City like me, providing of course the next Credit Crunch does not hit you first.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bonne Annee ! I had a good christmas and returned to my work in the city with a terrible hangover. Too much Partying with the gorgeous man in accounts. No seriously, he always wears, armani suits and drives a fast porche car, and Davidoff Cool Water aftershave.

I like him and have the hots for him. He was one of the best pleasures about where I work in the City of London. However I am not sure he would like it if he knew what I get up to. The Agony aunts, are always right 'Business and Pleasure' can never mix. There we were dancing to 4am in a unknown Bistro in Soho in my red dress and Flats. He was rather fun, and I donot really remember what happened too much. Except for my appalling singing, and Karaoke. I am not sure I really impressed him. We did manage a secretive kiss when I invited him back for Coffee. Not too much happened beyond that. Besides we still have to work together. Office romances never really work out, and when it goes sour you still have to see him and be civil.

New Years Resolutions who needs them after all. The only one that I made was that I resolve not to have any. In that way you never really be disappointed if you donot actually achieve them. In that way you donot have to go through the stress of dieting and trying to get fit.

I have been on the Prowl and had another night on the tiles. I went to pick up a client from a posh up market Hotel. I always dress seductively in a smart ladies business suit, and Skirt and black heels. I am a real Girls Girl, best red Lipstick, and Channel Number Five perfume. It always smells good and it happens to be my favourite. There He was this gorgeous looking Spanish Man with Hot Latino looks and a smart cut suit. Girls as you know, there is always something about foreign men, and they of course are not a patch on their English counterparts. They are always really smart, however their manners perhaps are not the best. English men will still hold the door open for you. Never get on your femminist High Horse. Thank them, and they will continue to give you preferential treatment including paying for the meal. However you of course donot want them to get the idea that they can treat you as doormat either.

Anyway, Jose and I were there to practice our Business presentation and we attended the boring training seminar. We could not wait to end the day and the Seminar. Once it had finished and we were all teamed out for the day. I and Claudio went to Carluccio's Italian restaurant. He was a real Gent and held the chair for me. We sat there until twelve, staring into each others eyes and holding hands. I was flattered by his attention. He paid the Bill which is always a good sign. I know it is mercenary of me in these post femminist times. We returned to the Hotel and fell into the sack together.

We made love and I performed my trick. Sex was pretty average that time. On a scale of one to Ten I would rate him a six. He said, ' How was it for you darling', which is always really insensitive. I bottled it unfortunately and of course said Ten out of ten. It was always best to let men believe that they are fabulous stallions in bed. To let them believe otherwise of course dammages the fragile male ego.

Thats it for now . My pager is ringing and I have to go. The boss always calls at the most inconvient times with a list of demands like can I organise the meeting with the Head CEO of the Head Hunting firm next week. Can I buy a card for his wifes birthday. Men never remember things like which are the most important. That is why they need women to run their lives.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Huntress

The Credit Crunch has of course knocked everyone for Six including the City Slickers. I am a resourceful working Girl and have been on the look out for bargains as many of the High Street Stores have started their January Sales early.

While I am single I am sadly still looking for Mr Right and I am yet to find him. As many of us Girls know the new Metro Sexual man is not up to much and Mr Perfect is a scare commodity. All blokes of course want to ***** us. Unfortunately as we all work long hours I am reluctant to give up the favourable Single Life to share with someone else. At the end of the day all I want to do is a hot bath and shower, relaxing rub down and chill out with some nice music. Then of course Hit the sack for a long ZZ.

The Great modern dilemma us Girls is there an Honest bloke out there, who is not two timing his pretty wife or the local Office Top Totty. I suppose we cannot have it all. My Biological clock is ticking and I can feel at times quite broody and jealous of those women who have the domestic Bliss. I think you should be supicious of any woman who claims to have it all. Children, High Powered Career and a nice man in the sack to bring you tea on a Saturday morning.

I also hate those Office Super Bitches that pretend that they are all work and No Play. They have of course lovely manicured nails, but really will give you nasty scratch if you are not careful. They believe that the only way to get on is to be more masculine then the men and that they are super hard. You can always spot them a mile off as they donot wear perfume and never us Girly nail polish. They are really scary if you happen to look them in the eye in a Stepford Wife sort of way. These are the DCI Tennison Ball Buster women who look hard and will break a mans balls and are hard core ultra Feminists. They never wear skirts and will always wear uphemistically the Power Trouser Suit.

The Second Type of Woman is the Office Barbie Doll and potential Man Eater. They are of course impossibly beautiful and usually Blonde. Sophie one of my friends belongs to this curious breed. Sophie always knows how to please a man and wears an impossibly beautiful outfit and Skirt. She had at one time a man in accounts on the Go as well as her current boyfriend. She claimed he was only a one night stand but was obviously trying to sleep her way to the top of the Office.

The Third is the House Wife. She has a hungry brood to feed and has a hard time trying to please her husband, look after the Kids and pay the Bills. I always feel sorry for this sort as they have hard time trying to get by but of course on the other I admire their Selflessness in a mother Theresa sort of way.

The Fourth is the Librarian who is a Greying Middle aged Spinster and is starting to loose her looks and appeal. These are fantastically intelligent and always have two or three Jackie Collins novels on the go. They are the first to pipe up in the Office meeting when everyone is present at the Post Coital Monday morning meeting after a fantastic heady weekend where you wwer dancing at three am with the tall dark handsome man who is a banker at a London Club. Of course on Monday you pay the price with a vengeance with a Hangover and bleary eyes not a good look.

Your dimwitted boss who of course some how always look impossibly well turned out and enthusiatic says,' Is there anyone here who wants to take the Minutes'. I never can understand why Males and most of the Suited and Booted Bosses are always so cheerful on Monday. They are truly undead in that they donot have a Life and come accross as supiciously perfect.

Give me my Monday Morning hangover and two Asprins and black Coffee anyday of the week. To the life of an autotonom. We are all machines and to use Thomas Hobbes phrase, ' Life in the State of nature is always nasty, brutish and Short'. Therefore for me I am always will be a 3 Am Girl who while has a load of shortcomings is up there on a mans Top Totty list.

I like to think of myself as the fourth kind the Huntress or Tigress. I am a combination of all of the above. I am of course single and donot have the security of the House Wife type. All though I would love to have what they have. Us Huntresses are always clever and are on the prowl of course for men. I too can be at times a Blonde Barbie. I will never be a DC Tennison as they are really men in drag and have nothing feminine about them. Of course when I reach the age of fifty I will probably turn into a Librarian.

I am of course hoping to turn into a Mrs Robinson type figure, Glamouress and with the use of Cosmetic Surgery hopefully will have found security with a rich young Cambridge Graduate.
I course want to marry and maybe have one kids and a lovely house and a man in the sack to bring me toast and a cup tea on Saturday.

Sarah my best friend gave me a call on her mobile and invited me to the Local Amnesty Evening. I selected a beautiful black dress and was invited to drinks and the fund raising Charity Ball. I met this nice man who talked alot about human rights and got me thinking that I should do something to improve the lot of humankind. He was handsome but incredibily dull, and I would have ideally not wrong back after he gave me his number. What is a Girl to do in that he was a milkTray man but dull. So I guess my search for Mr Right continues.

I did my bit and wrote a letter to the Indonesian Embassy in London to complain about Human Rights and to stop the Death Penalty. So the evening wasnot a total waste afterall. I suppose I did learn something from the Milk Tray man from Amnesty.

Monday, 27 October 2008

The Witching Hour- 3AM

I am Le Chat Noir, or Black Cat, which was painted by Rodolphe Salis in 1897 to open the Cabaret of the same name in the Montmarte District of Paris. By habit all Cats are nocturnal and are usually domesticated and like their creature comforts including a warm basket and a glass of Milk and being lazy to curl up by the Fireside asleep. (Miaow).

I still havenot found my Mr Right who like the Christmas Fairy exists only in story books and is fiction. Anyway so I am told you have to work at marriage and it always takes two to Tango which is why modern marriages fail and we have such a high divorce rate.

In these uncertain times of the credit crunch, and collapse of banks no ones future is guaranteed including that of my owner. As I am a hard working Girl in the financial hub of the city I have to earn my pay like everyone else.

Of course being a Black Cat on a part time basis means attending as many parties as possible which is no mean feat during the economic down turn. The financial Crunch hits all city workers where it hurts in their wallets as well as in their pay checks.

Lets face it Girls we also do that men on a regular basis to enjoy our favourite past time which is of course Shopping. We have to buy those dresses to attend parties and keep our men happy . Of course work usually interferes and destroys the happy work life balance ratio.

When you wake up next day with a grim hangover and have to catch a London Bus in the pouring rain on a Monday and you turn over next to a man who was a total stranger who youd donot recognise because of two many Pena qualada's you consumed over the weekend then of course reality bites.

All men of course have the habit of never calling and never seem to remember -Birthdays. It is of course us who are nice and pick up the pieces ;-never forgetting to send one to a friend or relative. Men are completely thoughtless b nature and want us to look glam all the time.

We are on one level Gold Diggers or shallow and manipulative if you are lucky by nature . We are not interested in their hard earnt cash.It is of course true on one level. Who would not want a nice set of dresses to party in ? as well as a Rich handsome millionaire of a husband.

The problem simply put, is that most rich men are too vane, or Metrosexual, spending too much money on Healthcare products. Lets face it, at the end of the day, who wants their man to be is a beautiful as you are. It is us women of course who are the Soul and Life of the Party and we should never be outshone by a handsome man. Although I donot mind if a man looks good in a Tuxedo and expensive Suit. Those Rich bank types are good for their money, but for me they personally work to hard. They of course are having a difficult time of things with a Global Economic meltdown and financial collapse. Mr X who is a rich banking friend of mine and works for a city firm could loose his job, personally I hope he doesnot, but given the economic climate I guess no one is safe.

Anyway with all the cash that they have earnt who can really feel sorry for them. As they will probably a large salary and Golden Handshake pay off deal. It kinda makes you feel sorry for them in some ways. Guys have it so rough and tough in these uncertain times.

The Economists as far as I can tell always have it wrong. This financial meltdown could be

Of course that is never going to happen as they are too few in number and most are two timing no good for nothings other than for Football, sex and of course bringing home the Bacon. All City Men seem to have two women on the Go at the same time or usually turn out to be married.

If like me you are a working Girl then they probably donot even do that and you have to go to a dull job for no pay. I guess I am not the sort of Gal who wants to be chained into the routine of a 9-5 Job.

If you are lucky you will have to settle for a Good GI Joe who stays home and makes the Tea and leaves the room when you want to watch Corrie or East Enders.

I shall be be out on the tiles for Halloween during the 'The Witching Hour'. I love this time of year with its cold Crisp winters and dark nights , as it is a time of mystery , and marks the onset of Winter, or 'All Hallowes Eve' traditionally a pagan ceremony. Of course for me it means attending as many parties as I can over the Halloween weekend as well as carving a pumpkin.

Selecting a dress is always a nightmare even though I dearly love shopping I can never choose and will spend most of my time working my way through the Clothes lines in Harvey Nicks, Miss Selfridge. Being an Air Head I never can make up my mind about men, clothes or anything else, but I guess that is what nature endowed us with.

A Girl has to be thrifty, in these times. So from now on I am going to look for my LBD Little Black Dress in charity Shops. You can never sure what you will find but at least you can avoid that classic problem that happened to one of my friends Sarah S.

It was the Christmas Season, and her man David invited her to the Christmas Party bash. In order to go there she had to select a lovely dress. Of course hard pressed for time she used a mail order firm. There is nothing wrong with ordering on line but you can never be sure whether your outfit matches what you end up with. Also sometimes the size is wrong. All excitedly she arrived to the bash which was the Hilton Metropole. As she is a hard working city Girl, she was late working in the office on a Portfolio deal.

Both Dave herself hired a Taxi rushed accross London. Of course all her colleagues were fairly typsy by the time she arrived. Well as well as to be expected as it was of course a 'Works do'. Lisa her best friend was wearing the same pretty Blue evening dress by Tiffany that she was wearing. So take my advice and make your dress, or hire it , or better still in these austere times buy one that is reasonable from a charity shop. In this way you can always guarantee that you will be the Belle of any ball and that you donot look same as your best friend.

Anyway time for me to sign off and retreat to the Fire and a warm basket until next time. The cold dark night fast approaches.