Friday, 3 April 2009

The Corset Ball

I received an invitation from my working Girl, Grrl Friday, and best Amie, Sophie X. She works in PR for a london firm, and like me is also in the occassional escort business. That is when us busy working girls have time to fit our escort work in, between our normal city Jobs.

I got the Invitation for the ball on the March 10 all signed and delivered in a large white envelope with a Pink Bow on it. It came as a welcome surprise as to tell you the truth. It was a bolt from the Blue. We communicate on the phone and we can spend maybe two to three Hours a day on it talking the Usual Girl talk and Gossip about our latest boyfriends, and parties and Celebs.

Anyway, the letter contained an invitation which asked me whether I wanted to participate at a London City firms bonus party. She needed help as she had won the contract and needed Girls to appear at the event without their kit off and down to there scanties. I am not one to argue as I basically need the money in these economic times.

The City Lads, who have got any real bonuses this year and a much reduced wage packet, could not really afford the SpearMint Rino Strip Clubs that exist all around Soho's Golden mile. So this year it was to be an Inhouse party. I am forbidden by the Contract to talk about which famous City firm contracted my friends Sophies PR firms.

However they needed Girls who were going to be daring and Bold, to strip down to there smalls and Deliver Canapes and Food to the City Lads at there Business firm. The pay had to be good to temp me into this kind of promotional work. I am believe it or not a little shy and the thought of stripping off in front of a Group of leacherous and drunken men, does not really appeal to me that much. However as I could always do with the money to keep a roof over my head so I agreed. I was also curious about the type of men who are in to these R n R Extra Hour Parties. They must be regular Guys with a lovely WAG- Wives And Girlfriend on there arm and are happily ensconsed. I therefore find it difficult when Men who are married and have a normal Girlfriend cheat on them by going to these extra curricular parties. They probably lie, and say they are working late in the Office.

It is always a mens fantasy so I am told that they think Women enjoy this kind of stuff, wearing nothing but what nature endowed us with. However the truth is that it can be degrading and can be uncomfortable. Most women only do it for the money and even that has to be really good.

I decided to visit, Ann Summers, Lingerie Shop. I am always embarrassed by the blinding number and array of Lingerie hanging up. If you are married and a Girl, you will know how amazingly uncomfortable women's lingerie truly is, if like me you have to wear a tight restricting Corset for Hours on end. Men can be really insensitive, when it comes to Christmas, or your Birthday the man in your life remains clueless, when it comes to selecting you Underwear. He will not know your size, and lets face it Girls, men do not know the first thing about our anatomy. You will want functional and comfortable underwear while a man, will select the most tacky and uncomfortable underwear that is the height of sexiness, but comes in tacky colours. UGG !!.
Thats why it is always a Good idea if you do the shopping. Just take his Credit Card and bill him later, thats what I say. That way, you can always hit him hard, where it hurts, namely his Bank Account. We just have to have Lovely Dresses, and I certainly can spend a whole day in absolute excatsy going round Harvey Nics or BHS. Retail Therapy is the best recipe for mending a broken Heart, or getting over the Ex that ratted on you.

I found this really tight little Black Corset and changed into it. It was really pretty and very feminine. I hate seeing my figure in the mirror, but I guess I still look hot for my age. I paid up and left the store after the Shop attendant wrapped it for me.

The day of the party, came nearer, and to say that I was nervous, was an understatement. We all arrived including my friends Sophie and Amie, who work for the PR firm. We were shown to the Ladies room, and we all changed into our lovely smalls. Sophie is blond by the way, but unlike the stereotype, she has a First Class Honours Degree from The University of London in Business Studies. She tells me that she does this type of work because it pays handsomely and she has a large Student Loan to pay off.

Sophie choose a lovely Pink Corset and High Heels. I choose to keep some of my Modesty by choosing a smart see through Black Skirt. I can tell you that it left little to the imagination. The Curtains were pulled back, and we picked up the Silver Canapes. Being Semi Starkers is not fun I can tell you. It is a tremendously Cold experience. When you go into the room all eyes of course are on you. The Lads of course wolf Whistle and Cheer you on. However there is really no time for anything more than a cursory Glance. I have learnt to fix my eyes on a distant spot, rather than on the eyes of everyone in the room. It can be frightening if you do that. I then did my job and handed out the Champagne Glasses and handed out the Canapes.

The men are normal suited city types and obviously it was just a bit of fun for everyone. They all have regular Girl friends. I can say that there were no other women in the room , except for the Female Directors, who are sassy and the ones with money. They left early and we were left to be oggled by all of the Red Blooded males in the room

That was that. We took there money and hit the Rich City Bankers where it hurt, namely in there Bank Accounts and in there Wallets. Men are obviously led too much by there desires, and not There brains. If they had any at all they should have realised we were fleecing them of every penny. Thats why Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and of course are Sugar and Spice and all things nice. I would advise others against going into this Proffession and I believe should stay on and Get a Good education and that way you too can be a Banker in the City like me, providing of course the next Credit Crunch does not hit you first.

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