Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bonne Annee ! I had a good christmas and returned to my work in the city with a terrible hangover. Too much Partying with the gorgeous man in accounts. No seriously, he always wears, armani suits and drives a fast porche car, and Davidoff Cool Water aftershave.

I like him and have the hots for him. He was one of the best pleasures about where I work in the City of London. However I am not sure he would like it if he knew what I get up to. The Agony aunts, are always right 'Business and Pleasure' can never mix. There we were dancing to 4am in a unknown Bistro in Soho in my red dress and Flats. He was rather fun, and I donot really remember what happened too much. Except for my appalling singing, and Karaoke. I am not sure I really impressed him. We did manage a secretive kiss when I invited him back for Coffee. Not too much happened beyond that. Besides we still have to work together. Office romances never really work out, and when it goes sour you still have to see him and be civil.

New Years Resolutions who needs them after all. The only one that I made was that I resolve not to have any. In that way you never really be disappointed if you donot actually achieve them. In that way you donot have to go through the stress of dieting and trying to get fit.

I have been on the Prowl and had another night on the tiles. I went to pick up a client from a posh up market Hotel. I always dress seductively in a smart ladies business suit, and Skirt and black heels. I am a real Girls Girl, best red Lipstick, and Channel Number Five perfume. It always smells good and it happens to be my favourite. There He was this gorgeous looking Spanish Man with Hot Latino looks and a smart cut suit. Girls as you know, there is always something about foreign men, and they of course are not a patch on their English counterparts. They are always really smart, however their manners perhaps are not the best. English men will still hold the door open for you. Never get on your femminist High Horse. Thank them, and they will continue to give you preferential treatment including paying for the meal. However you of course donot want them to get the idea that they can treat you as doormat either.

Anyway, Jose and I were there to practice our Business presentation and we attended the boring training seminar. We could not wait to end the day and the Seminar. Once it had finished and we were all teamed out for the day. I and Claudio went to Carluccio's Italian restaurant. He was a real Gent and held the chair for me. We sat there until twelve, staring into each others eyes and holding hands. I was flattered by his attention. He paid the Bill which is always a good sign. I know it is mercenary of me in these post femminist times. We returned to the Hotel and fell into the sack together.

We made love and I performed my trick. Sex was pretty average that time. On a scale of one to Ten I would rate him a six. He said, ' How was it for you darling', which is always really insensitive. I bottled it unfortunately and of course said Ten out of ten. It was always best to let men believe that they are fabulous stallions in bed. To let them believe otherwise of course dammages the fragile male ego.

Thats it for now . My pager is ringing and I have to go. The boss always calls at the most inconvient times with a list of demands like can I organise the meeting with the Head CEO of the Head Hunting firm next week. Can I buy a card for his wifes birthday. Men never remember things like which are the most important. That is why they need women to run their lives.