Monday, 21 September 2009

'La Femme des Paradis'

Times are we know tough for UK Workers, at the moment. I have to say that the number of my Clients have remained the same. I still see the same numbers and Regulars, from my advert in Harpers and Queen Magazine. Now that the long Dark nights, have returned, the Warm Hotel Beds that I share with , my exclusive Clientele are always well made. The Black Cat, is back on the Prowl.

Sophie X is due to return to do her Second Year, of her Economic and Politics Course. We stay in touch regularly, by mobile, and as she is a Student, she claims she still needs the money, particularly as times are of course Tough. It is Bonus time, at the City Bank, and of course it appears, that even The Rich City Playboys, who are now fewer, have been hit hard. There Bonuses are unusually thin for this time of year. It just means at the Bank where I work, there are fewer Rounds of Champagne than usual, and a more sedate Christmas Party. I will enjoy myself with the usual City Rich Kids, and Macho bankers. I am fairly well off, but not comfortable, as I saving money to pay for My Kid, to go through Public School. That is the primary reason why I still am on the Game. I enjoy my work, if you can call it that, although my lot is not a happy one. Sex for Recreation is of course against, my faith, of The Catholic Church. However , I have not been too Church for a long time now. I need like everyone else, my Gucci Dresses, Jimmy Cho Shoes, and Boodles Diamond Jewellery as Diamonds are usually a Girl’s best friend. I could spend a whole month in Harrods, spending my Ill gotten Gains, but I have to be realistic. My Girl, comes first, and a private education is not cheap. The Lord does not really like prostitute’s long term. I hate that word Prostitute, and I prefer to use the Asian expression that I am a Concubine, whilst Sophie X likes to think of herself as Top Topy.

Men of Course, do not change, they after all think with Their Dicks, and not their Brains, and usually will chase after anything pretty on Legs. As long as she is a Skirt;- We women are too clever, as you know,can earn Good wage, if we learn to exploit are looks, and hit them wear it hurts, in their Bank Wallets or of course Go on a Shopping Spree if your men folk have done something to upset you. Make sure that you put that expensive Dress on to his Corporate Credit Card. I hate the Ill dressed Shabby men, and believe me there are many amongst those City Boys, in my Investment Banks. Give me a well Groomed, suited and Booted City Boy in a Tie, to those other poor excuses for men, and Nirvanna look a likes.

I got the call, again from my many EX’s, who phoned, inconveniently, when I was at my desk in the City Bank. I discretely went to the Ladies, to answer the call. He said, ‘ Could Sophie and I meet in at his new Soho Club, that he opened called -‘Les Oiseaux de Paradis ’. My Ex gave me big break in the World of Strip Joints, and back then in the Eighties, ‘everyone was rich, with City Yuppies, and Brick Phones, only too willing to throw away their Cash, all of the City Boys, back then were rolling in Cash and general Largesse of clinching deals. 80’s London was alive with cash, and the High rollers, loved to play and Work Hard’, spending their Cash in Soho’s Seedy Strip Joints. Us Girls, loved to milk them of their Cash, and deprive them of their money. He operated a policy of ‘Do not look and do not touch’, but of course as you know some men do not listen.

I was a young naive, Girl, then who had only turned Nineteen, when I got my first Break. I am not the sharp Suited, Beautiful, sexy and sassy London City Girl I am now. Having run out of money for the Course in Acting and Drama that I was going to take at RADA, I answered the advert, in the Times, small ads and Personals Section. I went along to the auditions taking Maria along with me. We both arrived on a Wednesday Morning, and the Barman was clearing up. He told his Barmen, to get lost, and paid him Four Twenties from his wallet, for his time. There he was a Sharp Suited Businessman in a White Dinner Jacket and Black Tie. He had a long Cane, and two, Gold Fillings in his front teeth. He poured himself a drink from Whisky Decanter, then he turned to me and Marie, and said, ‘ Let’s see your Stuff’. It was said, in the most Coolest manner possible, as it was the most matter of fact expression that he used every day. As I was young and naive, I thought, ‘He must mean that he wants to hear me sing. I had spent two to Three Hours, practising the Whitney Houston Song, ‘Love will say the Day’.

‘Of course I smiled, and so did Maria’. ‘ I asked him, ‘ Where he wanted us and where was the Microphone ?’. He of course had something else on his mind. He wanted us to, ‘Strip naked, and wear The lovely Red Silk Basques, and Suspender Belts, high heels and stockings, and nothing much else. He pointed to the Girls Changing rooms at the back of a long corridor, and said ‘Your outfits were in there as well as makeup’. Maria, of course Coloured up, ‘ Made an embarrassed ‘Sorry and Shrugged her hands over her shoulders, and turned round and fled out of the door’, ‘Tears were basically running down her cheeks’.

He wanted us to try them on, as well as the Suspender Skirts, and to writhe around a Steel Pole, that ran from the Stage to the Ceiling’. Being a naive, innocent Nineteen year old, I thought it was a incredibly Cool experience, and I was taken by the man, who looked so Grown up, and wearing of course a sharp suit and Gold Filings. I figured that it can’t be all bad, and I wanted the money at the end of the day. So I put on this Grown up voice, ‘Okay Where Do I go’. He gave two sharp Clicks, of his fingers , and a Beautiful thin, stick like model, with the most incredible Green eyes came out. She was dressed in a beautiful Red Gucci dress, and Black stockings, and tremendous Black High heels, with Dark Kohl pencil around the eyes. We exchanged pleasantries, ‘Yasmin and I greeted each other coldly, and I was then escorted to the Girls room at the back’.

I took off the dress I was wearing, and that got in the Hideous, Basque, and put on the much too small Red Knickers, and then finally a suspender belt, which I attached to the top of my Red Stockings, I then put on the Suspender Skirt. I sat semi naked in front, of a large Stage Mirror, and applied lots of moisturiser. I applied eyeshadow, and lots of Red Lippy, and a White powder. A much Older woman looked back, I brushed my long dark Hair, which fell down to my waist, and put on a Hair band, to keep it all in place. Then I put on the Red dressing Gown, and a Red Feather Boa, and Black Bowler Hat. I believed that I looked like one of the most heavenly, beautiful women on the planet. Next Yasmin, came back, and gave me Black High Heels, with a Stiletto, to put on. I tied and bound in the straps, and my toes, hurt, from the narrow point at the front. I followed her out like a Kid, nervously following in her steps. ‘Just Remember she said, ‘ Show him all, and bend down and rotate your ass around the Poll, hang from it for a bit, and try to get down, and use the Boa, to tickle him’. ‘He likes it like that, ‘if you remember what I showed you before, then you will be fine’. Please do not act shy, because if you do, then you won’t be able to concentrate up there.

I arrived on stage, and took centre stage, I looked around and Mr G.S was looking back at me with the Widest of Gangster Grins. I could see the Gold fillings in his mouth. I was stage struck and had to remind myself to Concentrate’.

The Music, to the Eighties, ‘Material Girl’, by Madonna played in the background. I undid my Red Dressing Gown, and stood there semi naked, in my Underwear and Red Basque. I threw off the Bowler Hat, and then Took up a position on the pole. I hung upside down from it, and did a few turns on it. Then I kicked my Red stocking Legs, with the Garter belt high into the air. I remembered that the world, looked very strange from upside down. My long black Hair, hung down and I remembered it seemed like an eternity. I did a few rotations back and forwards around the pole. I then strutted my stuff and danced with my hands down by my waste, to Material Girl. I went back and forwards along the Runway in my Black High Heels. I did a Y shaped split, and I caught Mr GS looking far too closely at my Knickers and Crotch area. I went up to him and tickled him with the feather Boa. He touched my right breast and gave them a squeeze, like he was checking them out. He then put a Twenty Pound note into My Garter. I concentrated on the job, and then it was all over my Ten minutes of fame.’ I returned to the Girls changing rooms. After getting dressed and checking my Hand bag I found that Ten Pounds was missing from my purse.

Yasmin, the Tall Thin Stick Model came up to me. ‘Well done, I think he likes you. You have got a Job with the Other Girls in the club’. She said it, ‘In the most Catty manner, and she was clearly a Bitch’.
You’re return here on Friday at 7-30 and will receive Five Hundred Pounds an Hour. I looked stunned and ‘Thank her and then put on my long thick Military Dress Coat, and left the Club, with my Handbag and long dark Hair flowing in the wind. I had this immense sense of achievement and pride, as I flagged down a London Taxi, to take me back to my Digs in Regent Square. I thought men will do anything as long as we are undressed, and will pay good money to see us undressed.

I returned on the Friday Night, and from then on in, I would perform every night, sometimes with other Girls, dancing on stage, or around the Poll. I would take on any challenge, and men would applaud as I danced on table tops, and the runway along the Bar Top. They would stuff twenty Pound notes by the fistful into my Garter. Those men who would sometimes get too frisky, and ignored the ‘Do not look and do not touch policy’, were thrown out by the Club bouncers.

I returned to Mr G.S brand, new neon light club. He already of course was the same G.S I had known back then, as an innocent Nineteen year old Girl. Now I am all Grown up, such Clubs do not hold the same allure for me. I after all run my own High Class Call Girl Operation. I can charge what I like and do not have to give the same proceeds to Mr G.S. Sophie and I were of course entertainment for the Night along with the other Girls in the Club. As a favour to help get the Club started I was to do a few rounds of Lap dancing and strut myself as I used along the Bar Top. To tell you the truth such work is Bread And Butter to me, but does not appeal like my Call Girl work. I like and love the recreational sex, but at the end of the day it is money and that is all. I work so I can pay the Bills like everyone else.

There was Mr GS, who smiled and Beamed at me,’ He was now married with his Eight wife’. He said, ‘You still look beautiful, and kissed me on the Cheek’. I changed into my Black and Red Burlesque Corset, Suspender Skirt, and Garter Belts. Sophie, did the same, and we joined the other Girls out the front, doing the Y splits, and a few rounds on the Pole. It felt like yesterday as I twirled around and I soon picked up where I left off. This Eighteen year old City Kid came in, and poured a drink of Bourbon. He admired me all night, and was taken with my Body, He liked how I danced and he asked me to perform a dance for him. I did that and he stuffed Five Hundred Pounds into my Garter. He took a good long look as I bent over, and he looked at my Crotch and Suspender Skirt, and arse. Then it was all over, and Sophie and I got changed. I told Sophie not to wait for me, after she had been paid, and to take a Taxi Home.

I went to the Private room at the back of The Club. I knocked and entered and there was Mr G.S all 6 Foot Three of him, and I politely asked him to undo my dress. I changed down to my underwear and he saw me in my tight fitting Black Corset, with Steel Suspenders that I brought for the Job. I got into bed with him and performed the Usual Oral on him, and we made love several times to the small Hours. He paid well, and I then left him. It is never best in my kind of work to ever fall for a Client. It is after all a Commercial transaction. While he is attractive, certainly, It is never best to fall for a Client. Men after all ruin your lives. Men want you to remain at their beck and call, and if you ever become a House wife and get married, then you lose, that financial security, and become reliant on them too much. While the Sex is fun, I prefer to have my independence as the Black Cat. I would advise any Girl, to do her education first, as intelligence and a Career are more important, which men cannot after all buy.