Monday, 27 October 2008

The Witching Hour- 3AM

I am Le Chat Noir, or Black Cat, which was painted by Rodolphe Salis in 1897 to open the Cabaret of the same name in the Montmarte District of Paris. By habit all Cats are nocturnal and are usually domesticated and like their creature comforts including a warm basket and a glass of Milk and being lazy to curl up by the Fireside asleep. (Miaow).

I still havenot found my Mr Right who like the Christmas Fairy exists only in story books and is fiction. Anyway so I am told you have to work at marriage and it always takes two to Tango which is why modern marriages fail and we have such a high divorce rate.

In these uncertain times of the credit crunch, and collapse of banks no ones future is guaranteed including that of my owner. As I am a hard working Girl in the financial hub of the city I have to earn my pay like everyone else.

Of course being a Black Cat on a part time basis means attending as many parties as possible which is no mean feat during the economic down turn. The financial Crunch hits all city workers where it hurts in their wallets as well as in their pay checks.

Lets face it Girls we also do that men on a regular basis to enjoy our favourite past time which is of course Shopping. We have to buy those dresses to attend parties and keep our men happy . Of course work usually interferes and destroys the happy work life balance ratio.

When you wake up next day with a grim hangover and have to catch a London Bus in the pouring rain on a Monday and you turn over next to a man who was a total stranger who youd donot recognise because of two many Pena qualada's you consumed over the weekend then of course reality bites.

All men of course have the habit of never calling and never seem to remember -Birthdays. It is of course us who are nice and pick up the pieces ;-never forgetting to send one to a friend or relative. Men are completely thoughtless b nature and want us to look glam all the time.

We are on one level Gold Diggers or shallow and manipulative if you are lucky by nature . We are not interested in their hard earnt cash.It is of course true on one level. Who would not want a nice set of dresses to party in ? as well as a Rich handsome millionaire of a husband.

The problem simply put, is that most rich men are too vane, or Metrosexual, spending too much money on Healthcare products. Lets face it, at the end of the day, who wants their man to be is a beautiful as you are. It is us women of course who are the Soul and Life of the Party and we should never be outshone by a handsome man. Although I donot mind if a man looks good in a Tuxedo and expensive Suit. Those Rich bank types are good for their money, but for me they personally work to hard. They of course are having a difficult time of things with a Global Economic meltdown and financial collapse. Mr X who is a rich banking friend of mine and works for a city firm could loose his job, personally I hope he doesnot, but given the economic climate I guess no one is safe.

Anyway with all the cash that they have earnt who can really feel sorry for them. As they will probably a large salary and Golden Handshake pay off deal. It kinda makes you feel sorry for them in some ways. Guys have it so rough and tough in these uncertain times.

The Economists as far as I can tell always have it wrong. This financial meltdown could be

Of course that is never going to happen as they are too few in number and most are two timing no good for nothings other than for Football, sex and of course bringing home the Bacon. All City Men seem to have two women on the Go at the same time or usually turn out to be married.

If like me you are a working Girl then they probably donot even do that and you have to go to a dull job for no pay. I guess I am not the sort of Gal who wants to be chained into the routine of a 9-5 Job.

If you are lucky you will have to settle for a Good GI Joe who stays home and makes the Tea and leaves the room when you want to watch Corrie or East Enders.

I shall be be out on the tiles for Halloween during the 'The Witching Hour'. I love this time of year with its cold Crisp winters and dark nights , as it is a time of mystery , and marks the onset of Winter, or 'All Hallowes Eve' traditionally a pagan ceremony. Of course for me it means attending as many parties as I can over the Halloween weekend as well as carving a pumpkin.

Selecting a dress is always a nightmare even though I dearly love shopping I can never choose and will spend most of my time working my way through the Clothes lines in Harvey Nicks, Miss Selfridge. Being an Air Head I never can make up my mind about men, clothes or anything else, but I guess that is what nature endowed us with.

A Girl has to be thrifty, in these times. So from now on I am going to look for my LBD Little Black Dress in charity Shops. You can never sure what you will find but at least you can avoid that classic problem that happened to one of my friends Sarah S.

It was the Christmas Season, and her man David invited her to the Christmas Party bash. In order to go there she had to select a lovely dress. Of course hard pressed for time she used a mail order firm. There is nothing wrong with ordering on line but you can never be sure whether your outfit matches what you end up with. Also sometimes the size is wrong. All excitedly she arrived to the bash which was the Hilton Metropole. As she is a hard working city Girl, she was late working in the office on a Portfolio deal.

Both Dave herself hired a Taxi rushed accross London. Of course all her colleagues were fairly typsy by the time she arrived. Well as well as to be expected as it was of course a 'Works do'. Lisa her best friend was wearing the same pretty Blue evening dress by Tiffany that she was wearing. So take my advice and make your dress, or hire it , or better still in these austere times buy one that is reasonable from a charity shop. In this way you can always guarantee that you will be the Belle of any ball and that you donot look same as your best friend.

Anyway time for me to sign off and retreat to the Fire and a warm basket until next time. The cold dark night fast approaches.

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