Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Arab

I am an investment Banker, at a large British Bank in the City of London, as well as a high class call Girl, life sucks sometimes, but for me, at least I am paid well and cannot complain about the life and Hours I keep. My Girls, keep me busy, but as they are both at private School, I need to the best I can, to earn money to pay for their. Being a Call Girl, helps, do just that. I divorced the farther along time ago, and he moved to Dubai, to a new banking job, and I have not heard from him again, except for the maintenance checks he sends annually, along with the annual Christmas present, for the Girls.
It is clear he is not much of a farther, and I did not want him in my life, as he was an alcoholic, who would beat me and threaten the Girls. He has so I am told found a new British women, called Kate, who now, so I am told, is his new flame, in Dubai, and who is a top Barrister - anyway, so long, and good riddance, to deadbeat Dads, and fathers.
It was a surprise, then to find out that he was in London, and that he wanted to see me and the Girls. I of course, did the Super Bitch thing, and did not return any of his calls. He turned up one night, unannounced, at our large Mock Tudor farmhouse, in West Sussex, and demanded to see my Girls. They of course, were happy , to see him, for the access Agreement of Eight Hours on the Saturday. He arrived in his Black Land Rover, and took them off to go Horse riding at the riding Stable near Ditchling. I let them go as Girls always like to be near their fathers. He just smiled, and I waved goodbye at the door, as the Girls got into the car. His partner, was young women of probably no more than 25, his latest muse called Maria. I wonder how long she will last, before he loses interest and dumps him.
I arrived at the Bank, one morning last month, to find my Line manager, Steve, had called a meeting, and he said, ‘There were looking to rationalise’, and that most of the older staff, of thirty five or more, would be the first in line to go. I had worked hard, as a Hedge fund manager, so I was too valuable, to let go, but many of the non essential managers, and administrative staff, including secretaries were being let go. I was angry as I worked there for the last twenty years or so, and built up a lot of contacts. My mobile rang, and vibrated, and I had a message, which is the private box number I use, which I use to advertise my Services in Harpers and Queen. I listened to the message which was from a man called A.K, and I was to meet him that evening at the top London Hotel of Ritz Mayfair. Whoever my client, was he certainly had a lot of money.
I never go alone, so I rang Sophie X, who came down, by train from Oxford. We met up later in the day. Her course, was going well, and she had in her last economic exams got 92 per cent, so she was incredibly chuffed. I hired the taxi, and hurriedly packed my overnight case, and the Burlesque Agent Provocateur, leather Corset, with all the Belt Buckles, and the Black Ruffle Lace panties, as well as my Black Garters. I always pack a Toothbrush, as well as the usual Bondage Gear, of Black Whips, and metal Handcuffs, as well of course my beautiful Black and Red Cocktail dresses, and makeup. Men are a highly visual sex, and seem to enjoy the power, that kind of Kinky stuff does. I also packed into my hand bag the pack of Condoms, as men conveniently will use, the excuse that they do not have any or have forgotten, which is unacceptable. STD’s, Aids, are all occupational hazards, for us Call Girls, and it is best that we try to be responsible, in order to prevent, there transmission as well as for our safety.
We women of course, are the fairer, and gentle sex, and there better halves. Guys are also dicks, as well, as we or course love shopping and I am no exception. My and Sophie tastes include Harrods, Harvey Knicks, and Chimmy Choo. We women are incredibly smart as we trade Sex for Commitment, and men have sex and do not want commitment.
I arrived outside, The Ritz Mayfair, and met Sophie who was waiting outside, in an electric Blue dress. I was wearing my Black Cocktail dress, with the sexy slit, up the side, which is a fourteen dress size. I brought from an exclusive boutique in Chelsea, called Fitz, which is run by one of the Ex Cousins of Roman Abramovitch. It is a replica; obviously Liz Hurley looked fantastic, in the original. I had my Chimmy Choo, High Heals on, with a buckle strap on the front. I told the cabby do keep the engine running, a safety tip, as the life of a call Girl is always a precarious one. If the cabby keeps it running, if we do not come back, then he will come looking.
Both Sophie and I, walked into the Marble Hotel Lobby, with the spiral staircase, with the Black Bolestrade, and metal handles. All of the male Heads were turned, and it was like being devoured, by a thousand eyes, as all of the male attention was focused on us. The two male Receptionists, instantly, jumped to attention, and said, ‘can we help Ladies’, as one would expect. I opened up the clasp of my red Crocodile, Fendi Hangbag, and took out the piece of paper, with Mr A.K initials. The male Concierge, in his brass button Uniform, ran his finger, coolly, down the list, of Guests. For a few minutes, which he took do that, I got several shivers, down my spine, and I was cold in my dress, because obviously a dress help up by safety pins, can be uncomfortable and cold, and for a few minutes, I thought we had been set up, with a no show. The man, with the spectacles, said, ‘A.K is on the top floor, Miss, go straight up ladies. The Princes instructions are to go up’.
The Male Lobby Concierges, all jumped on us, and said, ‘Can we take your cases miss’, we let them do that and tipped them. They took the cases off them, and we tipped them heavily, and took them up in the lift. We took the other, and Sophie and I applied makeup, from our compacts. We were both nervous, and unsure, because none of us so far in our lives have ever met Princes.
We were greeted by his Man Servant, Ravi, who was a Thai national, and wore White Gloves, and dark Black Trousers, with a Gold Button Uniform. He knocked on a large Double Wooden doors, at the end of the Lobby, and opened them, after he had the reply. Both Sophie and I walked calmly into the room, and we were Greeted by a young Arab looking man, called The Prince. Of course you do not expect me to reveal his name on this blog. He was a minor distant counsin to the Royal family of Abu Dhabi. I do not really believe that, and as far as Sophie and I, know he could be a con man. He had laid on lunch, and a few minutes later, we were seated at table in his private suite. Basically four courses passed, and we had wine, and so did the Prince. Both Sophie and I were guarded, as it unusual for Muslims to use Prostitutes, as far as we know, perhaps he was never one in the first place. I reminded Sophie to drink only one glass, and no more, and then mineral water. Clients will always try to ply you with drink, so it is best never to do so if you can, as it is dangerous.

He basically got over with the formalities, and explained that he wanted Bondage, and that we were to handcuff him, and then use paddles to spank him, as well as use an electrode device on his Genitals. No request seems to be too much, and I received many. He wanted Oral sex as well as full blow jobs, and it did not seem interested in the Burlesque routine, that much. It was straight down to full hard action.
His Servant Ravi, was also paying, and he explained that the Prince, was new to England and because he was coming of age, he needed to experience love, and loose his virginity for the first time. In his Arab country, which I have decided not to name, most of the Muslim women are modest, and dressed, in Hajaab’s and the sexes are kept apart, and do not mix. In England as he had escaped his parents tutelage, he now wanted to experience fully what the World had to offer.
I carry a Handheld taser in my handbag for protection, which I have so far not had to use. I was going to turn around and leave, which is what I should have done, but because he looked a nice young man, and that he was paying 250,000 Thousand Pounds, I decided to accede to all of his full requests. As I am call Girl, I will sometimes say no, but most of the time I need the money, and of course Sophie, always needs it too.
Sophie and I were shown into a side room, and made double sure it was locked, and we changed out of the dresses, into our working gear, which in my case involved Black Fish net Stockings, and a full Leather Corset, with lots of Buckles and Straps, in my 38D Size. It takes at least twenty minutes to be fully laced up at the back, and to squeeze into it. It has lots of steel rods, and clear straightens your back, and is believe to me very uncomfortable to wear, although looks good on my body. It is torture, and your waiste is restricted to a very narrow size. I then applied the suspenders to the stockings and put on the ruffle panties, and Garters. I then helped Sophie into hers, which took about the same amount of time, and we applied lippy, and The exclusive Channel and Ghost perfume behind our ears.
Me and Sophie then came out and we did our routine and danced on the Formica Table, and Gyrated. The Prince kept looking at my Crotch area, and figure. Once that was over, Sophie took Ravi into a side room, and I returned to the Princes bedroom, on his suite, at the top of the Hotel. He then wanted Kinky sex, and I had to tie him up in handcuffs, which I duly obliged, and I then spanked him with the Paddle, and applied the electric shocks to the device to his Genitals. That kind of kink does nothing for me, but it seems to have a great effect for some reason on men.
I then got into bed, and peformed Oral sex on the Prince, and he entered me. It basically lasted to Three in the morning, and I rested between sessions. We then had finished, and Sophie and I left, with cases behind us. The Cabby had long gone, and instead I had contacted the Concierge, and he had kindly politely checked on us about every Hour by Phoning through and collecting the Crockery from the earlier dinner. I had made sure that the GPS tracker in a locket sown into my Corset was switched on. That connected through to a male friends PC, who would check on it, when I was with a client. If anything went wrong he would call the Police.
We left the Hotel, early the next day, at Six, and the male concierge looked disapprovingly at us, but my acceded to my request for the Cab. Sophie and I departed and went our separate ways, and I returned home to my warm bed in my House in Sussex, and went out like a light and got some rest, until it was time to pick up the Girls, from their private School. The Prince, had been a true gent and certainly had been a lot of fun.

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