Saturday, 8 August 2009

I was working at my desk in the City of London Investment bank, and it was around lunch time that I got to read my post. I had hurredly got ready, that morning, and left, and took my usual route accross London to ThreadNeedle Street. I had not had time to look at the post.

There was a White Invitation Card, addressed to The Black Cat, delivered to my private Box number ,and someone had replied to my advert in Harpers And Queen magazine, for the Black Cats Services. It said, that Mr B had invited me and another friend, to attend, a private function at the Ravenswood Hotel. A Hotel that does Conferences and events. It said bring formal evening wear, as a Masked Ball would occur on the Saturday. Then after the Ball, and dinner, would be an SMS party, as this was a Swinggers event. I of course would be top billing, as they need a Burlesque Dancer, and the services of a Top class London Call Girl, to arouse the Guests and entertain them and there wives. I have to say, that such events, are not fantastic in the least for a Working Girl, as I always feel for the Wives, as they have a very insecure Open Relationship with there Husbands. It is always the wealthy, that have the spare cash anyway in my view, for their Husbands to cheat on them.

I phoned Sophie X to see if she was up for it. Of course all London Call Girls, because of the Credit Crunch will never decline an Invitation. Sophie, immediately said yes. I told her that she would need to be comfortable with SMS, and other forms of Sex. Sophie who is a student studying Economics at University of Oxford, of course agreed. I said, ' Bring a Ball Gown, and of course, the Special Extra's.' ' By that I meant the very tight black Laced Corset, with the tight Buckle Straps, that acts really as a waist Cincher, and the Ruffle panties, and long suspenders, and Black Tights and Boots'. As well as the long wips and Handcuff, and Ball Gag. The problem is that most men are very clearly aroused by this stuff, but for women the constriction, and gear has few kicks and it is very uncomfortable after a while. The pressure that it puts on the waist can give you a lovely Hour Glass figure, and tight waist, but believe it is not always worth it. A Girl sometimes has to suffer for her art.

I am not too happy about SMS, but as a working Girl, it sometimes goes with the territory. Sophie and I always are fairly knowledgable, about Sex and both of us know how to give pleasure and have studied the Karma Sutra, and in Sophie case, Sensual Massages with Oils. I am trained by Thai Masseuses, from the four or five years I spent travelling in Asia and that is another story.

Sophie and I checked in at the reception, and we carried all of the Clothes, that needed in Overnight bags, and a Vanity case. The Receptionist was Polish, and treated us with respect when we showed the invitation. We were checked in to two Top Hotel Rooms, Sophie was accross the hallway from me and they had a Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Modern TV.

We changed into are beautiful Ball Gowns, and I had this lovely Red Christian Lacroix Gown, and Sophie wore a Channel Dress. I put on the masks and took our places at the Tables. The other Guests arrived, and I eventually met, a young man, who came up to me. He introduced himself as Lord B. and to his wife. It was obvious that he was no lord. I found out, that he worked as an Investment Commodity Broker, and his wife, was a Nurse. I felt really sorry for her, as she was obviously nice, and she showed me photographs, of there two Kids. I will never understand swinggers, but there wives seem to understand that there Husbands are open, and need this kind of life. I am not to sure whether they are there by choice or more to really please there Husbands. Anyway I am working Girl so I do not really judge- Meow.

We all sat down to have a Lovely Four course Meal of Foie Gras, Prawn Cocktails, and Partridges and Lemon Sorbet and Chocolate Gateaux. The Waiters were of course Muscle Bound Hunks, with bow ties who kept filling Sophie and my Glasses up with Piper and Hydeseck Champagne. Champagne is very nice, but can go to your head, and as we working I had to remind Sophie to not drink more than one Glass. The rest of the evening we were on Water.

We returned to our rooms, and I put on the lovely Black Leather Corset, with all the Buckle Straps and the lacing up the back. I had to ask Sophie to help, as it always takes so long to put them on. Sophe tied up the lacing very tightly, and and then all of the Buckles. My waist was restricted to 10 Inches, and it really took a lot of the wind out of me. I then put on my Black Ruffle panties, and did up the steel Suspenders, attaching them, to the Black Stockings. I then did the same for Sophie, and I took out my Top Hat and Cane.

Sophie and I came on to Great applause from the Swinging Couples in the Crowd, who mostly in some cases wore nothing. I did my act and dance routine, which involves circlying around a Chair, and teasing men in the crowd with my whip and feather Boa.

That was that that the Lights and Curtain went down on our Act. We then met up with Lord B and Sophie went with another nice looking young man. We were still wearing the Buckle Corsets when retreated to the Hotel Rooms to do our stuff.

I would advise any other Girls thinking of doing this, not to, and to get an Education. It is not really worth the risk. I do what I have to do, not because I need the money, but because I mostly enjoy it. Lord B, was an SMS kind of Guy, so I tied him to the bed, in the handcuffs, and Ball Gagged him. I then spanked him with the Whip. I politely declined the offer to be restrained.

I made him wear the Condom, and it is always best to carry lots with you, as men are fairly useless in that Department and I peformed O Sex, and the went through repertoire, which lasted into the small Hours. I was of course handomely paid for my services, as well as Sophie.

Sophie and I the following weekend went Shopping, I was able to buy for My Girl, the Holiday to Canada she wanted. I hit Harrods, and invested in a good pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, and a Channel Pink Dress. Sophie of course tried to save the money to help pay her way through her Economic Course at Oxford University.

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