Sunday, 24 May 2009

Venetian Paradise

My friend Sophie and I who are both High Class Working Class Girls received our top assignments from Mr M.

 He is our Rich Sugar Daddy, and allows us Independent Girls to survive by giving us top Dollar.

I do not like the assignments, too much, as I have to lie to my friends and family who do not know

I am doing this for a living. A female Black Cat, on the prowl, moonlighting in the city.

 Sophie is known as Prada, and is a Business and Economics Student, with pretty Black Hair, and is probably twenty one.   Mr M gave her the name, because she likes top class Handbags. She has the most amazing blue eyes. I have unusual Green eyes, and of course lovely long black Hair. I chatted to Sophie, or Miss Prada, to find out why she does this for a living. Like me, it appears that Students receive little or no cash. They have too many Loans, and Credit Card Bills to pay off. She has a boyfriend too, and she gets conflicted feelings for him and whether what she is doing is wrong.

None of us have any qualms about that. We are both in it to earn money so that we both have enough to live on. We are going to quit this profession, when I and Sophie have paid all of our Creditors back. We are marriage Guidance Counsellors, and give a shoulder to cry on for many men. We are using them, as they are us, to get access to their cash.

She and I know a good de I always like nails done, from those, Top London nail salons. A Girl, has to look good, no expenses spared, no matter what the circumstances. That is why it is important to have four or five top quality dresses on standby, and many pairs, of Manolo Blahniks, and Chimmy Choo shoes, as well as a Prada, Channel handbag, or a Salvatore Ferragamo leather bag. Unfortunately, even in these Credit Crunch times, the Wardrobe, is looking a little thin. I earn good quality money, but I still have to do my day job in the City, as a Trader, to earn a Crust. Men’s wallets even in recession hit Britain are a little thin these days.

“Men basically think with the dicks in their pants.” It always amazes me how so many intelligent men who are company Executives, or Astronauts, Pilots, Soldiers and the like go weak at the knees, when it comes to seeing me or the lovely Prada in the flesh. It does leave me cold a bit, to think, which lovely wife or pretty woman back at home they are betraying.  I prefer to always be an independent, the high class Girl that I am. I am not sure that I could live with a man once I discovered that he had been burning the Candles at both ends, and playing away from home.

I would dump him immediately, and slash all of his suits no matter, what his bank balance was like. I can understand, the difficulties involved, and of course it always the Children that suffer if the marriage fails. It always takes two to tango, so in many cases, the marriage, probably ended a long time ago.  I have incredible compassion for women who do stand by their husbands. My advice would be to leave immediately, if they do it once, they will always do it again. Love is always a messy business. That’s why Divorce Lawyers are so rich.

I do not have really any regrets as I need the money. A Girl in these recession hit times, needs all the money she can get. I got the call the previous week, from Mr M that Miss Prada, and I were to go on a Vacation to Venice, for a top meeting. Miss Prada and I received our Economy Class Tickets. I had to fight M over that one, as top Class Girls should always travel in Business Class.  Both Miss P and I were overruled as Companies are cutting back Costs.

I packed a Weekend Travel bag and booked a few days off on the Friday and Monday. I got my passport and my dark Channel Sunglasses. It always, very important to look the part , even if you do not feel it. I left the key to my flat, with my neighbour, and said, I would be back later on Tuesday.

Miss Prada, and I met at Heathrow, and we checked in.  We were both looking the professional Confident Business women we are. I dressed in a fabulous Gucci Red Dress.  The favourite of all film stars, and Audrey Hepburn . If you find the right one it always looks good no matter what the event. I packed my favourite Skirt and Top from Top Shop.  Sometimes you can if you are lucky to cut costs, get away with High Street fashion labels. However with Clients it is a different matter, they demand the very best, as they are paying good money.

Miss Prada was wearing a Prada Black dress and we all checked in confident and sassy Girls we are. We relaxed on the plane, and watched the inflight movie, while flirting with the handsome Black Haired Male Flight Attendant.

We touched down at Marco Polo International Airport and after collecting our away cases. A rich Chauffeur driven Limousine whisked us off to a top First Class Hotel. We checked and both Sophie and I got showers. I changed into my lovely figure hugging Corset, and Sophie did the same. A Girl needs to pack lots of Lingerie, as men obviously go wild for us.  The Corset as many Girls know is Sartorial Torture, the things us Girls do to please men. I changed into the spare Black Gucci dress and wore the lovely Chimmy Choo Shoes. I have a thing for them, they really are better than sex and are very delightful to wear on the feet. Of course not all the time, sometimes I prefer the good old pair of trainers, to stop my feet getting bunions. I had a Channel handbag, and I applied the top class Red Lippy, and pinned and swept my Hair back into a Chinion, and then I was of for are dangerous liason. I carry always a small can of mace and a rape alarm, and I phone, a special one with a tracking device built in. This is linked to a handset one of my Girl friends carry and would alert the Police and her hand set in an emergency.

We were met by two Italian men in lovely bespoke suits. We were escorted to our rooms on the Top Floor of a top Hotel overlooking Saint Marks Square. Venice is such a romantic place. We met the two men, mine was a very good looking, handsome and shy. Shy ones are always the best. The problem is that they are not very talkative, although they are Gentlemen. Sophie took the other in her arms and pretended to look adoringly into his eyes. They paired off, and went next door, and got down to Business.

I ordered Room Service, and made the man wait. It is very important not to to give in too soon. The man was an Gentleman and he ordered top Champagne and a fantastic two course meal.

Then we got down to Business, I cleaned my teeth, and freshened up in the bathroom with Channel Number Five behind the ears, and applied fresh lipstick. I came out of the bathroom and let the man feel in control and undo my dress. I was then standing in my lingerie, and he undid everything with very strong hands. I performed various Acts and then fell asleep in his arms. He promised to pay double, for some more, and we continued in the early hours, before falling asleep in the Double bed at Two O Clock. After a while it is like a transaction, you pretend it is okay, but a part deep down in you does not like what you are doing. It is after all only cash, so a Girl at the end of the day  has to do what she has got to do. All in all very pleasurable and of course he was lovely.

On engaging in small talk with him I found out that he was  training to be  a Priest, later, Miss Prada confirmed that her men was also a Priest and that was there last night before entering the Priest hood. It is probably the case that they were lying, and that was a cover story. Anyway we took their money,  and did not ask any more questions.

Sophie and I returned to London on a cold rainy day, in May, at Heathrow, and we went our separate ways. I received a text message from M who said, ‘It was great, the client was really pleased”. Both Sophie and I were laughing to the bank, and I blew the money on a Salvatore Ferragamo handbag from Harrods and a new skirt from Top Shop. I would not advise any other Girls to do what we do. I believe getting a good education is more important. For me it is a way of life and a good business transaction.


Gorilla Bananas said...

How do you feel about servicing single men?

Black Cat said...

I do not feel anything at all about servicing Single men. For me it is an economic transaction, and hopefully I and the men have a good time. I am realistic though as I do not intend to do this all of my life, only as long as my daughters, need support, so they can be put through private School.