Friday, 3 April 2009

The G20 and Asian Men

I received another phone call from Sophie X. She wanted some of her Ex Girls to work out and provide the entertainment at the G20. It was basically from an Asian Journalist who had been drafted in to cover the Summit in London. He was in his forties and retired.

Asian men are always shy and retiring in Public, but they can be great fun to work out with. They have some of the best Bank Accounts in the Business. On the negative side they devote too much time to observing the rules of Asian Soceities. They can be real Gentlemen but they are also cold sometimes in public. They do know how to treat a Girl.

I was to meet him at the M. Hotel. I never like such one night Stands as they can be dangerous. Thats why it is always necessary to go equipped. Take Protection for the Men, as some are so stupid that they do not bring any with them.

I always take my mobile with me. I brought a Homing device from Maplin. It keeps track of where I am at all times. I carry it secretly in my handbag. That way my friend Sophie nows where I am.

I selected a lovely Shang Hai Tang Dress for the evening, and put extra Lippy on, as well as Channel Number Five Perfume. A Girl has to look her best for these kind of dates. I never like just paid for Sex. I prefer to be wined and dined and that night was no exception.

I arrived at the Hotel in time for my dinner date. I was wearing my Bright Red Shang Hai Tang Dress, and heels by Jimmy Choo. Girls if you ever tried Chimmy Choos, you know that he is definately the best in the business. There really is no other type of Shoe, which looks so Good.

Unfortunately they may be good, but they can seriously damage your feet with over use. It is always good advice, to wear some other comfortable shoe, and then change into them on arrival at the function.

The Asian man was small and balding, and he looked, the part, all dressed up in a Dinner Jacket and Tie. I like my men, to always look smart. Of course, I always like them to wear a Tie, and of course shaved and used Deodorant. Some men forget their P's n Q's when going out with a Lady.

He was very shy and polite, and opened the Door, of my Taxi, and got in. It is always good idea to slide your legs into the Car. We were soon whisking are way through the London Streets. I thought we must be going to some place exotic. Of course it turned out to a bar called Raffles. We were shown to our table by the Matre De. She smiled at us, although I have to admit me we both looked very mismatched.

He ordered some Singha Beer and then a Thai Green Curry. I ordered something unpronouncable in Chinese. I just pointed to the one that I liked the Look of on the Menu. We then had our icecreams and Coffee. He of course was an utter Gent and paid the Bill and Meal. I like my men to be very traditional when it comes to paying.

I then returned to the Hotel Room. I changed into my Red Corset and waited for him to come out. It was all rountine and over in a few seconds. He then paid my usual fee. I put some clothes on and then left by the main entrance of the Hotel.

I got a chance to look in his Bank Wallet. There was a photograph of a pretty Asian Girl. It was obvious that they probably had marital problems. I kind of feel sorry for her, and hope that there marriage gets back on Track. I would advice Girls to think about there safety and always let others know where you are going. I would not get into this and I think it is best to get a well paid job and do a Buisiness Degree and in that way you will in no time rise maybe not as far as a CEO, but maybe to Head Of Section.


Brooke said...


I'm pretty new to the city and great to read experiences like yours. I'm definitely not shy but can be a bit naive so any tips I can find are handy!

Brooke x

Black Cat said...

Hello Brooke,

The City is a big place, remember the safety advice, of grouping together and lettting a Significant Other, now where you are. Buy a GPS tracking device, from Maplin, so your significant other knows where you are. Carry a can of mace, or stun gun, in your handbag etc.